Over a decade ago, Shanna decided to start a small jewelry business. She learned how to make a few simple things and started making small amounts of jewelry.

Very shortly afterward, she told her mother, Beverly, about what she was in the process of starting, and Beverly wanted in. Thus began a partnership that has lasted all those years. At the time, went with the name "Style By Shanna" because it contained Shanna's then-uncommon name. In those years we added crocheted products as well as jewelry, and we began to each focus on what we are best at: Beverly making the crocheted stuffed animals and toys, Shanna making the chainmaille.

A couple of years ago, we added a third person to the team, Shanna's daughter and Beverly's granddaughter: Triana. Triana is a young artist, and will be adding her art to our offerings and to our Redbubble and Cafe Press sites soon.

With all the changes over the years, we finally decided that the old name no longer fits our current product line. We wanted something that conveyed the magic of our products, and would mesh with all our identities. So where does Marie come into it? We are three Maries. Shanna Marie, Beverly Marie, and Triana Marie. The name goes back several generations before us, actually. So the 3 Maries discussed it and decided to change our name to Maries' Serendipity.

Why does the apostrophe come after Maries, you ask? Because the Serendipity belongs to all three of us.